April 2014

Took a while, but Homelands Productions is now betwittered. (Twitterated? Atweet?) We’re tweeting about journalism, storytelling, documentary, and some of the things that move us: the environment, international development, cultural identity, migration, climate. Today we actually tweeted about baseball, but we don’t expect that to continue. Please follow us at @HomelandsProd!

Pretty soon we’ll update our website, which is current but very 2004. Could a Facebook account be far behind?

Weisman on RT

In speeches and media appearances, Alan Weisman argues that humane and effective ways exist to bring Earth’s human population in line with the planet’s carrying capacity.

Homelands co-founder Alan Weisman’s “Countdown: Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth?” was awarded the 2013 LA Times Book Prize in the science and technology category. “Countdown” was also named the best general nonfiction book of 2013 at the Paris Book Fair and won the 2014 Population Institute Global Media Award for best book.