September 2010

Old friend Chris Brookes has won yet another award for radio documentary. The Annotated Jack, about Chris’ neighbor, a retired fisherman in St. John’s, Newfoundland, won the New York Festivals Silver World Medal for profiles. Like many of Chris’ creations, it combines music and folklore and deep local color. The piece aired on RTE (Ireland’s national radio network) last October. Please give it a listen. Warning: Heavy accents!


Belated Happy Labor Day! Last weekend Re:sound, the Chicago Public Radio program that showcases radio documentaries from around the world, broadcast (actually “re:broadcast”) “The Work Show,” featuring Homelands’ WORKING project. The hour, which was first heard last September, weaves interview bits with executive producer Jon Miller with excerpts from several profiles from the series. Those include a pirate in Indonesia (by Kelly McEvers), a movie director in Nigeria and a French chocolate taster in Ecuador (both by Jon), an oil worker in Canada (Chris Brookes), a lobster diver in Honduras (Claudine LoMonaco), and an express mail driver in Beijing (Sandy Tolan).

“The Work Show” was produced by Delaney Hall and hosted by Gwen Macsai. If you missed the broadcast you can still hear it online, presumably until the end of time. WORKING aired on Marketplace between 2007 and 2009 and received the 2008 Sigma Delta Chi Award for radio feature reporting from the Society of Professional Journalists.